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Pets are family members. They accept you even when you're having a bad day. Own a pet and you may never lack for love and affection. You also might not run out of things to do in the morning, the time when you're mostly likely to be rushing around the house trying to get ready for the day.

Pets that may not do well at your house

The same applies during the evening when you own a pet. Unless you own a cat, you may have to walk your pet at the end of the day. It doesn't matter how tired you are. If you want your pet to stay healthy and happy, you'll have to let it exercise regularly.

Animals are also social creatures, some more than others. They need to be with and communicate with other animals. Then, there are animals that thrive as long as you spend time with them each day. It's these animals, pets that don't need a lot of interaction with other animals, that may do well at your house.

Turtles, fish, spiders and other reptile are pets that can thrive with a tank, special diet and water. There's no walking needed with these pets. If you're worried that you and your family will find it hard to connect with these small pets, let those concerns go.

Traditional pets don't always make the best house guests

Small pets that can live inside a tank are among the first pets that many people have. You can grow as attached to these small, indoor pets as you can to larger pets like cats and dogs.

Regarding larger pets like cats and dogs, it's important that you make sure that the type of cat or dog you get fits well with your personality and you schedule. Cats and dogs that you get from a shelter may have psychological or emotional problems that cause them to feel anxious whenever they are alone.

Other pets may be too aggressive to leave around young children. Dogs like Boston terriers, chow chows, sheepdogs and Akita dogs shed a lot of hair. No matter how often you vacuum and pick up after these pets, you might find hair balled or laying on furniture and the floor.

Size isn't the only way to tell if animals make great indoor pets

Large dogs like German Shepherds, Doberman pinchers and Rottweiler breeds need lots of room to run and expend their energy. Get a large dog for a pet and it's a good idea to have plenty of outdoor space. These large pets may actually prefer to be outdoors.

Although you may not suspect it, certain cats like Bengal cats need space to expend what seems like boundless energy too. Bengals cats aren't that much bigger than atypical house cat. But, energy -- Bengal cats have an exorbitant amount of energy.

When choosing between indoor and outdoor pets, think about your children's ages.Also, consider how responsible your children are. Try to avoid getting pets simply because your children cry and beg you to bring the pets home because they look cute when you look at them through a pet store window. A pet is a responsibility that requires more than five minutes of care each day.